Can You Put New Insulation Over Old Insulation? - An Expert's Guide

When it comes to insulation, many homeowners may be wondering if they can add a new layer on top of the existing one. The answer is not always straightforward, as it depends on the condition of the old insulation. If it is damp, moldy, or contains vermiculite, then it is best to have it removed by a professional. However, if the insulation is in good condition, then a new layer can be placed on top without difficulty.

It is important to note that vermiculite insulation, which looks like pebbles and has a silver, brown or gray appearance, was mainly used until the 1950s. Unfortunately, it contains traces of asbestos that could cause lung diseases if not removed immediately by a professional. For many California residents, attic insulation may seem like a “fix it and forget it” type of material, especially since it may not be visible from behind attic walls. Dismantling and installing a new insulator is a complex process that requires the touch of a professional.

OJ Insulation's insulation contractors are dedicated professionals with the training and certifications necessary to effectively apply residential and commercial insulation in California. If you find chemicals, toxins, or asbestos, you'll want to have it thoroughly removed by a certified professional before installing new insulation. If the old insulation is in good condition and you are looking to add more insulation to an attic space, then you can place new insulation on top of the existing one. However, never use vapor barriers or front insulation when placing new insulation on top of the original.

Other quality practices when adding more insulation to attic spaces include proper placement of insulation. Since the old insulation will not be able to breathe, water will accumulate faster, leading to problems with the attic structure. Blown insulation is the best option if you are thinking of installing insulation in an attic on top of existing insulation. Placing coated insulation on top of old insulation in an attic is totally forbidden, as it will trap moisture and cause long-term problems.

To find out how to install attic insulation on top of existing insulation or how to replace it completely, contact Attic Projects in Los Angeles and surrounding areas of California for a five-star repair license. In conclusion, if your previous insulation is up to par, you can now consider how to install the attic insulation on top of the existing one. In fact, you can add new insulation to the existing installation in other areas of your home, not just the attic.

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